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Things You Should Know About SEO in 2018

Important Things You Should Know About SEO in 2018

SEO stands for search engine optimisation (søkemotoroptimalisering), which is defined to be the process of trying to increase the traffic or growing the number of visitors to one’s website. The process is aimed at getting increased number of visitors through organic or natural search results from search engines. Search engines such as Yahoo and Google are the primary sources of search results for websites. These search engines list the websites and pages based on the level of relevance for the users and these search engines ranks the pages and websites according to their level of relevance.

Number of visitors or traffic counts for the web pages in order to be ranked in search engines but quality of the traffic is also of huge importance. The aim of getting higher amount of free traffic can be achieved only if Google or Yahoo to visit your page or to check for the product you offer does not direct the visitors at your web page. Instead, the users that the content of your webpage has attracted will be counted as the natural, free or quality traffic. In addition to that, the users attracted through paid campaign do not fall in the category of organic or natural traffic.

SEO Trends in 2018:

SEO or search engine optimisation has gained significance in past decades and its importance is growing by the time. However, the SEO trends in world web have been changing since the time it has been introduced and being practiced by the users. As the search engine’s algorithms keep on changing with the passage of time, the techniques and seo tools of Search Engine Optimisation keeps on changing responding to the changes in algorithms. However, here we are talking about the SEO in 2018, so these are some of SEO trends that are working in 2018.

– One of most important and most significant trend in 2018 is optimize for the mobile browsing and mobile search. Undoubtedly, mobile optimization has been important in past years but due to the increase in number of mobile and tablet users and frequency of mobile browsing, 2018 will the year of mobile optimization.

– Voice search optimization is another trend of 2018 that has been increasingly becoming significant as the voice search and voice queries have been at its rise since 2007.

– Local search engine optimisation cannot be ignored in the scenario where mobile search optimization is considered to be a must. The experts are emphasizing local search optimization because large number of local users turns their mobile search on to find information about local products, services or businesses. This way, mobile search optimization and local search optimization go side by side.

– Short and easy URLs are becoming the trend in search engine optimisation this year. During past years, this strategy was being considered as and effective one but recent researches have shown that the shorter URLs are making their way to higher ranks. Google itself has implied that anything after first five words in the URL will not be given importance or value. Taking Google’s stance over the length of URL into consideration, shorter URLs must be the priority.

– Speeding up is another most vital technique of SEO trending this year. If user experiences longer pause or will be redirected to other pages, the reputation of web page may be affected. To keep your web page optimized and ranked in search engines like Yahoo, Google or Bing, speeding up with enhanced user experience is a key this year.